Suggestions for demonstrations or discussion topics would be most appreciated. We encourage any of the many talented turners in the club to volunteer by putting on a short demo for the members. Please share the knowledge and skills that you have. We know that everyone in the club has something of value to offer. If anyone knows of a club member who has a hidden talent, please encourage that person to come forth and share.

If you have seen a good demonstration at a symposium or other meeting and you feel that it is a demo that would be well-received by our members, please get his or her name and phone number or an email address and give the information to the program committee.

At each meeting there is a “show and tell” period for members to exhibit any of their recent creations.


April 27, 2013  Mentoring Session at Dawson McLemore’s Shop–9:00 AM- until—-

May 11, 2013  Annual Club Picnic- Time and location with map 11:00 AM

June 8, 2013  TBA

July 13, 2013 Bill McWhirter- Making things fit. Discussion and demo on how to produce lids/stopper/bases that fit like they should.

August 10, 2013